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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

POEA Cancels License Of LAM Healthcare Staffing Corporation

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has ordered the cancellation of the license of LAM Healthcare Staffing Corporation which was found liable in separate recruitment violation cases filed against the recruitment agency.

Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac said the recruitment agency violated several provisions of the POEA rules and regulations including illegal charging of placement fee, multiple cases o f misrepresentation and deploying an underage worker.

LAM Healthcare was held answerable for deploying an underage domestic worker to Oman which the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Muscat reported to the POEA as a probable case of trafficking in person.

The HSW was deployed to Al Ain, United Arab Emirates on February 1, 2013 but was later transferred to an Omani sponsor who brought her to the Sultanate. Complaining of overwork, she escaped from her employer’s home on May 23, 2013 and took shelter at the OWWA Center in Muscat.

During the interview with the welfare officer, the HSW admitted that she was only 21 years old when she was deployed having been born on October 16, 1991. She claimed that her recruiter brought her to Cotabato to secure a fake birth certificate prior to her passport application at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila.

POEA Governing Board Resolution No. 6, Series of 2006, as amended, prescribes the minimum age of HSW applicants at 23 years old.

In another case, the POEA found LAM Healthcare liable for excessive collection of placement fee when it charged Php30,000.00 from the worker whose monthly salary was only Php12,318.75 as irrigation laborer in Saudi Arabia. Under the Rules, a land - based recruitment agency may charge and collect from its hired workers a placement fee in an amount equivalent to one month salary, exclusive of documentation costs.

The recruitment agency was also held responsible for misrepresentation when it deployed the worker as a laborer but whose actual work was delivery service crew. The worker was eventually repatriated because of the discrepancy in the position stated in his Iqama and his actual job.

LAM Healthcare was previously penalized for submitting fake OWWA - CPDEP Training Certificates for processing of its hired household service workers at the POEA’s Land - based Center. “We have consistently ruled that misrepresentation cannot only be committed to the applicant - worker but also to the POEA itself. In this case, the agency is liable for leading us to believe that the training certificates were authentic,’ Cacdac said. Under the POEA rules on recruitment violation cases, deploying underage workers and excessive collection of fees on the first offense, and misrepresentation on the third and subsequent offenses, carry the penalty of cancellation of license.

source:  POEA

Monday, March 23, 2015

POEA Warns Public of Spam Emails

POEA Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac said the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration does not send mass e-mail and advised recipients of e-mails supposedly coming from his office to ignore them especially those that instruct clicking an attachment.

He said the POEA informs recruitment agencies about administrative actions or decisions on adjudication cases by means of sheriff or courier service but not through e-mail. Cacdac said recipients should treat such e-mails with caution, especially those with attachments.

“E-mail spammers commonly use attachments to sneak viruses into the victim’s computer. They even trick you to into sharing personal information like passwords or credit card numbers”, said Cacdac.

Cacdac said many recruitment agencies reported to him that they received e-mails purportedly coming from the POEA’s official e-mail address with ‘Notice of Suspension’, ‘Banned Agencies’, Suspension/Banned Notification’ and ‘Best Recruitment Agency for 2014’ as subjects. Cacdac said it was easy to detect the e-mail as fraudulent because the sender has no name and position title and the letter was poorly written.

source:  POEA

Friday, March 6, 2015

Recruiters of Factory Workers to Japan Face Illegal Recruitment Cases

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration is filing illegal recruitment cases against the owner and staff of an establishment found to have been recruiting  overseas Filipino workers without a valid license or authority from the government.

Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac identified the recruitment agency as Jomhadz International Corporation, and its alleged owner, a certain Joan Sigua.

Operatives of the POEA Anti-Illegal Recruitment Branch and Anti-Transnational Crime Unit (ATCU) of the CIDG closed down last week its main office located at 2nd Floor, Claveria Building, Circumferencial Road, Barangay Dalig, Antipolo City and its satellite office at 1660 Neptuno St., Paco, Manila.

The POEA officers have verified from applicants that Jomhadz International was recruiting Filipino workers for a wine factory in Japan and charges a placement fee of Php150,000.00.

The POEA prosecution team is preparing illegal recruitment charges against Sigua and her staff identified as Jefferson S. Flores, Charton Villanueva, Renalyn P. Cuevas, Renato V. Padilla, and Jason P. Cabus.

The CIDG-ATCU seized from the office employment documents of applicants, including passports, for inventory and as documentary evidence.

Cacdac advised applicants of Johmadz International to proceed to the POEA Anti-Illegal Recruitment Branch for filing of complaints against the recruiters.

source:  POEA News

Thursday, February 12, 2015

POEA Cancels License Of Non-Stop Overseas Employment

Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac has ordered the cancellation of the license of NonStop Overseas Employment Corporation for submitting two different visas and after committing three counts of violation of the POEA regulation on misrepresentation. 

Cacdac said Non-Stop had requested for processing of a worker bound for Qatar with a visa as General Cleaner but after verification was found to be in the category of a Secretary. 

Non-Stop claimed that the real job order for the worker was for the position of secretary and it mistakenly submitted the visa for general cleaner. The agency tried to correct the supposed error and submitted a visa for a secretary. 

Upon further scrutiny, however, the POEA found out that except for the position titles, the two visas have the same issuance and validity dates, visa number, visa type, duration of residence, and other markings. 

Cacdac said Labor Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz has instructed the POEA to prioritize resolution of recruitment violation cases involving household service workers (HSWs) and other low-salaried overseas Filipino workers. 

Section 2 (e) of Rule I, Part VI of the 2002 POEA Rules and Regulations Governing the Recruitment and Employment of Land-based Overseas Workers prohibits licensed recruitment agencies from engaging in acts of misrepresentation in connection with recruitment and placement of workers such as furnishing or publishing any false notice, information or document in relation to recruitment or employment of an OFW.