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Friday, March 30, 2012

Filipino nurses’ group to hold general assembly meet

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office in the Eastern Region (POLO-ERO) expressed on Tuesday its total support for the Philippine Nurses Association in the Eastern Region (PNA-ERSA), which is scheduled to hold its first general assembly on April 6.

“We totally support PNA-ERSA in its efforts to unite Filipino nurses in the Eastern Province. In fact, we've secured a permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the general assembly,” said Labor Attaché Adam A. Musa of POLO-ERO.

He had noticed the PNA-ERSA members formed a group to tend to the sick and to uplift their careers.

“Being members of a group will definitely make them feel more secure in their job so they can render the best service to their patients. I wouldn't be surprised if many of them would be perceived as a Florence Nightingale,” Musa said.

Florence Nightingale was an English nurse known for her pioneering work in nursing during the Crimean War (1856-1856) where she tended to wounded soldiers. She was known as “The Lady with the Light” because of her habit of making rounds at night to visit wounded soldiers.

Arlene C. Navarro, vice president for internal affairs and chairman of the organizing committee, said that during the general assembly a campaign drive for membership will be held. PNA-ERSA was formed only last August, and now has 100 members.

Navarro said the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and the Pag-Ibig Fund would also render services to Overseas Filipino Workers.

“The afternoon will be spent socialization among the members. There will be a 'Battle of the Brains' and raffle draws. The event will also be a launching pad for the convention in June,” he said.
PNA-ERSA President Mary Jane P. Tupas, a recipient of the National Blas Ople Award in 2007 and nursing director at the 120-bed Mohammad Dossary Hospital in Alkhobar, said the convention was scheduled to take place in the second week of June.

“The PNA in Manila requires that groups affiliated with it hold a convention at least twice a year. This means the PNA-ERSA will hold a second convention in December,” said Tupas.
During the convention, for which Vicki Belo of the Belo Medical Group in Manila will be invited, various activities on nursing and nurses' benefits will be announced. For their benefits from the PNA, nurses pay an annual membership fee of SR70.

“There will also be a seminar on the latest developments in nursing and technology as part of the program on continuing education,” said Tupas.

She added that the convention would also be “an opportunity for the 100 PNA-ERSA members working in 30 hospitals, clinics and health centers in the region to get in touch with each other and foster camaraderie among them.”

Counterpart groups in Riyadh and Jeddah will also be invited to attend.

source:  ARABNews

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Deployment Ban On Nigeria, Libya And Sudan Lifted

THE Philippines has lifted the ban on the deployment of overseas Filipino workers to Nigeria, Libya and Sudan.

Labor Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, also chairman of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration Governing Board, on Thursday said the Board had issued three separate resolutions lifting the ban on the deployment of Filipino overseas workers to the said countries.

The first resolution, Resolution 4, Series of 2012, fully lifts the ban on Libya following the recommendation of the Department of Foreign Affairs on March 2 for the lifting in view of the improved security situation in that country.

The ban on the deployment of OFWs to Nigeria was imposed on January 22, 2007, in the light of repeated incidents of kidnappings and unrest at that time.

On March 13, 2007, the ban was partially lifted to allow the redeployment of OFWs who were on vacation and were returning to the same employers. It was re-imposed on January 31, 2008, and this time, the ban also covered Filipino seafarers onboard ships entering Nigerian ports. A partial lifting of the re-imposed ban was made on August 12, 2009.

 The second resolution, Resolution 5 Series of 2012, fully lifts the ban on the deployment of OFWs to Libya following the approval by the Office of the President of the recommendation of the Department of Foreign Affairs on February 23 lowering the crisis alert level in Libya from Alert Level 2 to Alert Level 1.

The POEA Governing Board suspended the processing and deployment of OFWs bound for Libya on February 22, 2011, because of heightened political unrest in that country.

On December 20, 2011, the Board issued Resolution 10 Series of 2011 which allowed for the gradual processing and redeployment of returning workers in the medical and oil sectors only, subject to proof of existing employment as determined by the POEA.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

POEA Jobs Singapore: Nurses

Job Position:  Nurses
Job Location:  Singapore


*   Gender: Male/Female
*   Age:  50 years old & below (medically fit)
*   Must be ex-Singapore – had worked as Registered Nurse in Singapore & went back to
     Philippines and still currently in practice of nursing profession
*   All areas are acceptable except for Pedia/ OB


*    Resume with detailed job description to state height/weight/Body Mass Index and
 state also the no. of bed capacity of hospital under work experience.
*    Diploma
*    Transcript of Record w/ Related Learning Experience.
*    PRC Board Certificate
*    Board Rating with breakdown
*    Valid PRC ID License
*    Marriage Contract (if applicable)
*    Passport valid for more than 2 years.
*    8 pcs. Passport-sized photos, white background
*    Employment Certificate stating the Position, Inclusive Dates of Employment in dd/mm/yy,  
Area of Exposures, Bed Capacity of hospital, work performance and character reference
signed by either Nursing Director/Chief Nurse or by Head of nursing service.

Screening is being conducted between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturdays. If you have friends/colleagues please refer them to us or tell them to apply personally and bring their original documents. For more information, feel free to contact Ms. Apple or Ms. Normie to any of the contact details stated above.
POEA Agency Name: Jedegal International Manpower Services Incorporated   
Address:Ground Floor & 2nd Floor Accent Tower Building Rental  No. 33 Shorthorn St. Proj. 8 Quezon City, Metro Manila
Tel. No.:(02)352-2193; (02)352-2192

POEA License No.:185-LB-092611-R


Friday, March 16, 2012

Philippine Workers Flee Syria's Embattled Towns

When violence in Syria escalated last year, the Philippine government ordered its citizens working there to return home, and more than 1,100 have. Reporter Simone Orendain met up with recent arrivals at Manila’s international airport to find out about their experiences.

The line of chattering women pushing luggage trolleys is greeted by the jarring sounds of a remodeling project at the arrival lobby. This group of household workers have fled months of fighting in Syria’s most embattled cities.

Marcami Abdul Hari worked for a family in Homs for nearly five years. The 21-year old says she stayed with the same family because they treated her like she was their daughter.

“They were good people. They were good to me, but I came home because in Syria it is so scary, as in really scary," she said. "Everyone, everyone, even the older people and children, they are being killed.”

On the streets of her neighborhood she saw people getting shot. Artillery razed her boss’s home and many others nearby.

Abdul Hari remembers the peaceful time before the conflict started.

“Syria was beautiful. Then we saw all that fighting," she said. "It was really nice because soldiers did not enter the city. There was nothing bad there. Life was just quiet and happy.”

When the violence escalated, Abdul Hari’s bosses packed up for Saudi Arabia. They took her to an agency for Filipino workers where she would get help to return home.

Not all workers are able to escape as easily. This week the government confirmed that one 23-year-old woman was killed by armed gangs while traveling on a road in Homs with her employer.

Marivic Pagbilao lived in Homs during the uprising, but her employer would not free her from her contract. One day, Pagbilao, 27, dodged a bullet while hanging laundry outside. She then decided to flee.

“I had given notice to my boss but he would not let me leave," she said. "[My friend] gave me the number to the embassy so I called and found a contact there that would help me. I left on my own from Homs. Two hours to Damascus from Homs.”

Another domestic worker in Homs, Rita Gonzaga, said the fighting made everyone in her household a virtual prisoner.

“All we ate were potatoes because you could not leave," she said. "The shooting was right downstairs. We were on the seventh floor and we could not even look out the window. One time we took a peek and a gun was pointed at us.”

Gonzaga says the family she worked for moved from Homs to Damascus, but even there the violence was too much. Gonzaga says her recruitment agency forced her to stay by threatening her with being blacklisted if she left.

“I went to the embassy and then really tried to convince my boss, begged her," she said. "Oh, I had just had enough!”

Gonzaga did not give details of how she finally got away. But those assisting the workers say running away is not uncommon.

Karen, a stress-debriefing counselor at the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, who asked to be only identified by her first name, says many of the women flee physical abuse and situations where their salary is withheld, sometimes for years.

For these workers, Karen says the conflict can be a blessing in disguise.

“It is sort of like a blessing that because of the chaos their employers went abroad or went to other countries and they were left so they were able to go to the embassy and seek help," she said, "some of the cases were like that.”

Because many workers in Syria are on overstayed visas or working illegally, the Philippine government has struggled to locate them. Officials are urging relatives to come forward and help officials find stranded workers.

source:  Voice Of America News

Thursday, March 15, 2012

OFW Remittances Up By 5.4%

Remittances from Filipinos overseas rose 5.4 percent year-on-year in January despite the global uncertainties, as demand for professional and skilled workers in traditional markets remain strong.
The Bangko Sentral said remittances coursed through banks reached $1.6 billion during the month, up from $1.48 billion a year ago.

The growth in January remittances, however, was slower than the 7.6-percent rise recorded in January 2011 and the 6.2-percent growth in December.

“Sustained demand for professional and skilled Filipino workers underpinned the steady flow of remittances,” said Bangko Sentral Governor Amando Tetangco Jr.

There were concerns Europe’s debt woes and the sluggish growth of the US economy, two major markets for Filipino workers, might adversely affect the inflow of remittances.
Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. economist Trinh Nguyen said the slowdown in remittance inflows was not a reason to panic.

“Overseas Filipino workers sent less money home in January due to challenging conditions in host countries. While remittance growth has decelerated recently, it is still robust, which would continue to be a major driver of private consumption in the Philippines,” said Nguyen.

source:  Manila Standard Today

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ATIS-Hongkong rally for recognition of rights on Women's Day celebration

The Abra Tingguian-Ilocano Society (ATIS) official in Hongkong shared the plight of some of the Overseas Filipino Workers and asked the Abrenios for prayers as they join other OFWS in staging a rally to fight for their rights on March 11 in celebration of the International Women’s Day.

In her interview with the local media here through phone patch, Caridad Bachiller, ATIS president shared that despite the passage of the law on residency for foreign workers in Hongkong, Pinay domestic helpers are deprived of the opportunity to avail of said right.

Bachiller related how they are being discriminated by receiving countries because they look down on foreign workers and are not given equal opportunities to employment despite their higher educational qualifications especially Pinay domestic helpers.

She shared how the ATIS-Hongkong had been helping out their members who are victims of abuses by their employers.

Relative to the application for residency in Hongkong by Pinay workers there, Bachiller said that there are now 11 cases pending with the Hongkong Embassy. Pinays find it difficult to avail of the residency law for foreign workers because the Chinese fear that Pinays are capable of competing for employment as the Pinays have an edge when it comes to educational qualifications because most of the OFWs there are college graduates. (JDP/MTBB-PIA CAR Abra)

source: Philippine Information Agency

Jobs in Doha Qatar: Software Developer

Job Location:   Doha, Qatar

  • DEGREE: BS Computer Science
  • JOB FUNCTION: Analyst and Developer
  • KNOWLEDGE: Developing of Windows and Web Applications
  • EXPERIENCE: 1 to 2 years
Interested applicants may report to our office LML HUMAN RESOURCES SERVICES for FINAL INTERVIEW (MONDAY-FRIDAY @ 09:00 AM)

  4. TRAINING CERTICATE (ex.TESDA) - if available

-Diploma (If available)
-Transcript of Record (If avaialable)
-Passport copy

For more information: 
Fax: 4980981


POEA License No.: 067-LB-061009-UL
Tel. No.: 4843632/4981389

Sunday, March 11, 2012

POEA penalizes 11 recruitment agencies

For the first two months of 2012, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has cancelled the license of ten recruitment agencies for charging excessive placement fees and issued a suspension order against an agency for recruiting without a valid job order and other recruitment violations.
Administrator Hans Leo Cacdac said the imposition of penalties upon erring recruitment agencies is in line with his 7-point agenda that includes strengthened enforcement of anti- illegal recruitment laws and licensed recruitment regulations, and improved POEA adjudication record in case disposition.
Cacdac ordered the preventive suspension of Reajent Manpower Services after 40 jobseekers filed 9 recruitment violation cases against the agency.

The complainants alleged that Reajent Manpower Services promised them jobs in Australia either as fruit picker, fruit picker supervisor, cleaner, secretary, office staff or security guard, and required them to pay Php5,000.00 for processing fee and an amount equivalent of their supposed monthly salary as placement fee.

The applicants also claimed that the agency collected from each of them AUD250 for cash bond, Php3,500-Php6,000 for medical tests, Php850-Php950 for trade tests, Php2,600- Php4,500 for local training, and AUD250.00 for theoretical training.

The complainants said the recruitment agency failed to deploy them despite their payments and assurances by its officers and employees. Upon verification at the POEA, the complainants discovered that Reajent Manpower Services has no valid job orders for the promised employment in Australia.

Cacdac identified the other recruitment agencies which license was cancelled from January to February 2012 as: Tai-Fil Manpower Services Inc.; Lucky International Placement Services Inc.; 3R International Manpower Services; EMR Construction and Manpower Services; First Cosmopolitan Manpower and Promotion Services, Inc.; International Progress, Inc; Pearl of Panay Worldwide Manpower Services, Inc.; Roschazz UK Placement Consultancy; Worldgoal Corporation; and Sun Marino Shipping, Inc.

The complainant in the case of Lucky International claimed that she was charged PhP101,000.00 for her job as caretaker in Taiwan.
POEA Governing Board Resolution No. 6, issued in 2006, however, strictly prohibits Philippine recruitment agencies from collecting any placement fee from applicants for household service worker positions, including caregivers.
Cacdac ordered the cancellation of the license of Lucky International on January 24, 2012, and as a consequence, its officers and directors as of April 2007 were disqualified from engaging in the business of recruitment of Filipino workers for overseas jobs.

Lucky International and its surety company were also ordered to reimburse to the complainant the amount of PhP79,060.00 representing the amount illegally collected. In the employment contract, the applicant has the obligation to pay for pre-departure expenses amounting to PhP21,940.00.

The complainant against Tai-Fil Manpower Services Inc. collected from him in 2008, placement fee amounting to PhP100,000.000 for a job as a food processor, also in Taiwan.

Section 3 of Rule V, Part 2 of the POEA Rules and Regulations prescribes a placement fee ceiling equivalent to a hired worker’s one month salary. The prevailing salary in Taiwan in
2008 was NT$17,280.00, which is roughly equivalent to PhP23,000.00.
On January 24, 2012, Administrator Cacdac ordered Tai-Fil Manpower to pay a fine of PhP40,000.00, and to refund to the complainant the PhP77,000.00 excess of the placement fee collected by the recruitment agency. The officers and directors of Tai-Fil Manpower Services at the time of the commission of the offense were also barred from participating in the overseas employment program.

Cacdac said recruitment agencies with cancelled licenses are not allowed to engage in any activity related to recruitment of applicants for overseas jobs.

The POEA has cancelled a total of 566 licenses of recruitment agencies - consisting of 44 sea- based and 522 land-based agencies, since it was mandated to regulate the overseas employment program in the early 80s.

Cacdac reminded jobseekers to be extra cautious when applying for work overseas and report to POEA any observed irregularity.

"Always check the status of your recruitment agencies for your own protection by visiting our website, or by calling POEA hotlines 722-1144 / 722-1155, and report those that are still recruiting despite the suspension or cancellation of their licenses," Cacdac said.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

POEA Jobs in Guam

Job Location: Guam


MUST be BS-HRM (4 YR. COURSE) Newly Graduates or graduating students are also welcome to apply

Male or Female
Offering ONE YEAR of Contract
Allowance : US$ 600.00
Open for Over time / plus service charge and Tip
Free Duty Meals and very good Lodging free shuttle bus from accommodations to the Hotel. Must be With Pleasing Personality. Confidence in speaking in English is highly required


**After a year of contract, candidates will have a chance of continue his/her career on ship board, traveling USA, Europe and other countries.
for your reference pls. review our principal's company profile (
Our company : United Philippine Lines (

**please REPORT immediately for the evaluation and orientation. We are located IN FRONT of Fort Santiago Park, Intramuros Manila

This is an URGENT Hiring! Deployment is on April 2012.

You may send your resume to

For interested candidates please call Shiela at 0939-2833104. Landline 536-8685

POEA License No.: POEA-197-SB-031204-AOE
Address: UPL Bldg. Sta Clara Cor Arzobispo Streets, Intramuros Manila, Metro Manila
Tel. No.: 527-7491 loc. 234 / 525-1491

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Should the recruitment agency in other country who recruits here in philippines should registered in POEA?

Question and Answers

JR Asks:
Should the recruitment agency in other country who recruits here in Philippines should registered in POEA?

I applied in Ireland I asked the agency why they are not in the list of POEA.. they said that they also adhere to the POEA's guidelines and they are legal in UK. can it be that they are not in the list?

Answer by Kittysue
NO, they MUST be on the POEA registry in order to recruit in the Philippines. NO exceptions. If they are not listed, they are one of the thousands of scam agencies that exist only to steal your money and will never get you a job.

If they are legal in the UK, they will be listed on the Companies House website - the UK government business registry…
Enter the company name in the search box and if the exact name is not listed, then they are NOT legal in the UK either

But even if they were legal in the UK, they still cannot recruit in the Philippines without being registered with the POEA.

Considering unemployment in Ireland is about 15% and there is pretty much a freeze on work permits from outside the EU unless you have at least a Masters or PhD in scientific fields, there is NO way this is legitimate. And many of these scams that pretend to be in Ireland or the UK are actually based in Bulgaria and are long running scams - Eurosalary, EuroJobsTeam, Brightcove, The European Team, Best Jobs, Best Job Salary, Work Abroad, European Placement Team, Paladin Medi, etc are just some of the many names used by the scammers -- they seem to change their name and email once one of these names is exposed as a scam and keep doing it under a new name

Answer by Oneiloilokano
Following POEA's guidelines (so they say) and being registered with the POEA are 2 seperate things. If they are not on the POEA Registry List, then they do not meet the requirements and are an illegal recruitment agaency.

You should also know that people working in the UK are not allowed to be charged fees for employment. So if they are asking for a fee that tells me they are Illegal and do not do it !

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