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Sunday, July 5, 2009

How to Get Oil Jobs in the Gulf

It is not an unknown fact that Gulf is an oil-rich region that has numerous jobs to offer to locals as well as expatriates. In fact, thousands of qualified and experienced expatriates migrate to the region each year to take up oil and gas jobs in the Gulf. Oils and gas jobs are quite lucrative and money is the main attraction that pulls foreign workers into these jobs. Qualified professionals from world over take up oil and gas jobs in the Gulf. From India too, a large amount of skilled workforce migrates to the Gulf each year for these jobs. In the oil and gas industry, jobs are available at all levels. From junior level, to middle level to senior level, jobs are up for grabs for people with different skill sets and experience level.

The oil and gas companies across the Gulf are on constantly looking to hire quality talent for various positions. There is local talent to be hired but it is not enough to fill all the available oil jobs in the Gulf. It is because of this that the focus shifts to experienced and qualified expatriates. A lot of workers and executives from India and abroad migrate to the Gulf regularly to work for these jobs. Regular job vacancies are advertised in newspapers, job sites, on company web sites and with consultants who deal in such jobs in the Gulf. You can go through any of these channels if you are looking for an oil and gas job in the Gulf. However, be careful if you go through consultants because a lot of fraudsters also operate in this field. So, always approach registered job agents only.

Those who possess good technical knowledge stand a good chance of getting a job in this field. Jobseekers in this field should ideally have a good technical knowledge both in offshore and dry land drilling. Recruiters also ask for a degree in engineering for middle level and technical jobs. Most work in the oil and gas companies involves the usage of machinery so it is advisable to have done mechanical engineering. Those with good knowledge of chemistry or a degree in chemical engineering also get a chance to work in these companies. Since oil jobs are not just about drillings and rigging but also require an extensive knowledge in chemical composition of oil. Hence, knowledge of chemistry is desirable in these jobs.

However, this does not mean that jobs in oil and gas companies are only for those with a background in chemical or mechanical engineering or a technical background. These degrees can help one get a good job in this industry in the Gulf but there is a requirement for other qualified staff too. Thos individuals who possess good knowledge on other aspects of the oil industry can also look forward to a great career in this industry. For such workers, there are ample job openings in gas operation. Then, there are also vacancies for machine operators. Those with requisite experience in the mining industry can also aspire to get a job in the oil industry.

Those who are qualified in the field of safety can also get good oil and gas jobs in the Gulf. Fire workers are always required at such companies considering the high risk nature of the work involved. Thus, safety engineers or practitioners are also in high demand in this industry. Similarly, medical practitioners also get jobs in the oil and gas industry. On the site, medical practitioners are needed for the safety of the huge number of workers who work in risky positions. It is compulsory for these companies to hire sufficient medical staff for the safety of other workers and for any emergency situation. Thus, those who have an expertise in medical field can also find great oil jobs.

Oil jobs in the Gulf are especially sought after because they are quite lucrative. These high paying jobs are the biggest puller for foreign workers in the Gulf. Savings made during the stint in the Gulf can last one a life time. Thus, expatriates from various parts of the world come to the Gulf for oil and gas jobs despite the cultural differences.

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