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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pinoy Workers Cancelling Contracts In Hong Kong

Recruitment Agency in the Philippines have expressed concern over reviews that a number of overseas Filipino workers going to Hong Kong have back-out from their employment contracts following the August 23 hostage tragedy in Manila where the place eight HongKong Tourists have been killed.

In an announcement on Sunday, the Society of Hong Kong-Accredited Recruiters of the Philippines (SHARP) mentioned its member-agencies are alarmed that Filipino candidates have additionally been apprehensive of taking jobs in Hong Kong.

“Some departing workers for Hong Kong have withdrawn their contracts and many applicants are now hesitant to apply for [jobs in] Hong Kong," mentioned SHARP president Alfredo Palmiery without providing numbers.

Palmiery nevertheless stated their counterpart associations in Hong Kong consider the August 23 hostage-taking incident won't affect the standing of Filipino workers there.
He, however, warned that Hong Kong employers may be pressured to get different nationalities for family employees if departing Filipino workers continue canceling their employment contracts, and if there would be fewer job applicants from the country.

“In reality, there are more Indonesian helpers now in Hong Kong than Filipinos," he added.

For his or her part, Hong Kong employers have assured candidates that Hong Kong employers will nonetheless rent Filipino workers.

In the same statement, Thomas Chan, president of the Hong Kong Federation of Employment Businesses, said that no job order or contract has been canceled up to now by employers of his member-agencies.

“Hong Kong employers will continue to hire Filipino household workers," mentioned Chan.

Tony Lau, president of the Normal Chamber of Manpower Businesses, in the meantime, stated none of his member-agencies have reported instances of terminated workers after the hostage-taking incident.

“Employers still want Filipino household workers because of their proven reliability and loyalty to the employers. Many employers prefer them over those of other nationalities primarily because of their proficiency in English language," Lau said.

If OFWs continue canceling their employment in Hong Kong, nevertheless, Palmiery mentioned the Philippines may lose the Hong Kong market, which will pose “great" results on the Philippine economy.

“Many Philippine businesses based in Hong Kong, [such as] remittance centers, banks and real estate companies would definitely be affected," Palmiery said.

Government records present some one hundred thousand Filipino staff were deployed in Hong Kong in 2009, about 25,000 majority are household workers. Filipinos in the area sent in some $340 million in remittances last year.

“Hong Kong is the best destination for Filipino household workers. Aside from its proximity to the Philippines and the high salary (of workers), there are very few welfare cases compared to those in the Middle East," Palmiery further added.

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