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Monday, November 15, 2010

POEA Jobs Abroad In Korea News

This is a would-be OFW's dream: to be able to work abroad, with out having to pay for the infamously excessive placement fees that often stand between Filipinos and what they imagine to be a brilliant future away from the country.

South Korea has provided an extra 6,000 more slots for OFWs within the factory-based sector, bringing to 10,000 the overall new job gives to Filipinos for this yr alone.

The excellent news, nevertheless, isn't just within the numbers, however in the truth that these 10,000 OFWs won't have to pay a single peso as placement fee.

The cope with South Korea is government-to-government, meaning all those that want to apply need not go by means of employment agencies.

The only catch is that apart from the abilities needed to do the job, all candidates must be proficient within the Korean language, in written, spoken, and aural aspects.

Sanchez adds that historically, South Korea pays more for a similar manufacturing unit work compared to different countries. A primary-time factory worker can earn as a lot as P30,000 to P40,000 a month working there.

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