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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

OFW Accuses Philippine Embassy Of Neglect

After spending 10 months in a Saudi Arabian prison, suffering a miscarriage behind bars, and enduring 150 lashes for acts of immorality which she maintains she never committed, overseas Filipino worker Clarissa (not her real name) has finally come home.

Clarissa arrived Thursday in the Philippines after serving her sentence for “immorality" for getting pregnant out of wedlock, a crime under Shari’ah law. Married with three kids, she was accused of having had an illicit affair with a co-worker.

However, Clarissa claims she was raped and that Philippine embassy officials in Riyadh not only refused to believe her, but also tricked her.

“Sabi nila mas madali akong mapapauwi kapag umamin ako (They said I could get home sooner if I confessed to the crime)," she told GMANews.TV in a phone interview.

“Gulung-gulo ako noon at gusto ko na talagang makauwi matapos ang nangyari sa akin, kaya um-oo na lang ako sa lahat ng sinabi nila (I was very confused and just wanted to go home after what had happened to me, so I agreed to everything they said.)," she added.

read the full news at GMA

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