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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Addressing The Different Canada Immigration Concerns For OFWs

Filipinos are dreamers, and one of the dreams that most Filipinos share with each other is to work or to live abroad. Many Filipinos equate foreign lands with wealth, with a good life, and with a bright future. No wonder we have a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers today, and no wonder many individuals and families today are planning to immigrate to another country, especially Canada.

We’ve heard a lot of stories about Canada – that it’s a very successful country, that even if you’re just an apple picker over there, you can already earn a lot. All these things make the prospect of immigrating to the said country truly appealing. But, there are still a lot of issues to clarify, a lot of understanding needed when it comes to the immigration process.

In this article, we look at the different concerns of individuals applying as immigrants and try to address them.

Concern 1: Long immigration processing time
Processing time for those aspiring to be immigrants can take a very long time. Some applicants have even waited for many years before their application was approved. But, the good news is that the processing procedure is a little speedy now – for some individuals. There is now what is called an “occupation list” in Canada, a list of jobs that are in demand in the country. If you have an experience in a job that is included in that list, you can apply and expect a speedy processing time – approximately one year. This is the shortest time, mind you, so don’t ever fall into schemes that promise to bring you to Canada in just a few months – those are not real.

Concern 2: The need for a job and for an employer
Many Filipinos think that you can only immigrate to Canada if you already have a job waiting there, with an employer who has already hired you. This is not true, however. Canada has its own set of guidelines covering immigration. As long as you meet these guidelines, you can transfer even without an employer.

Concern 3: Dual citizenship
Some Filipinos who have already obtained a Green Card, or a US citizenship, still aim to immigrate to Canada and be a Canadian citizen. There is no problem here because US and Canada are okay with dual citizenship. Therefore, you can both be an American and a Canadian.

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