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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Should the recruitment agency in other country who recruits here in philippines should registered in POEA?

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JR Asks:
Should the recruitment agency in other country who recruits here in Philippines should registered in POEA?

I applied in Ireland I asked the agency why they are not in the list of POEA.. they said that they also adhere to the POEA's guidelines and they are legal in UK. can it be that they are not in the list?

Answer by Kittysue
NO, they MUST be on the POEA registry in order to recruit in the Philippines. NO exceptions. If they are not listed, they are one of the thousands of scam agencies that exist only to steal your money and will never get you a job.

If they are legal in the UK, they will be listed on the Companies House website - the UK government business registry…
Enter the company name in the search box and if the exact name is not listed, then they are NOT legal in the UK either

But even if they were legal in the UK, they still cannot recruit in the Philippines without being registered with the POEA.

Considering unemployment in Ireland is about 15% and there is pretty much a freeze on work permits from outside the EU unless you have at least a Masters or PhD in scientific fields, there is NO way this is legitimate. And many of these scams that pretend to be in Ireland or the UK are actually based in Bulgaria and are long running scams - Eurosalary, EuroJobsTeam, Brightcove, The European Team, Best Jobs, Best Job Salary, Work Abroad, European Placement Team, Paladin Medi, etc are just some of the many names used by the scammers -- they seem to change their name and email once one of these names is exposed as a scam and keep doing it under a new name

Answer by Oneiloilokano
Following POEA's guidelines (so they say) and being registered with the POEA are 2 seperate things. If they are not on the POEA Registry List, then they do not meet the requirements and are an illegal recruitment agaency.

You should also know that people working in the UK are not allowed to be charged fees for employment. So if they are asking for a fee that tells me they are Illegal and do not do it !

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