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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Get Resume Help And Greatly Improve Your Odds

Do you want to create the amazing standout resume that will give you a better chance of achieving the job you want? Unless you have a lot of experience in Human Resources, it is very difficult to figure out what will count as an amazing standout resume.

However, there are some secrets of the trade that anyone who is determined to write well can pick up. The key to a good resume is that you are willing to look at your career with new eyes and describe it in such a way that others can follow the story of your success.

Most people are used to thinking about their resumes in terms of duties and responsibilities, but this is not really the way to create your amazing standout resume. If you think about it, you will understand the reason why intuitively. Every single person who ever held your past positions has had duties and responsibilities very similar to yours. These duties are simply not the things that make you special as a job candidate. You need to transcend this old fashioned idea about how a resume should look and go further. How do you do it?

The ultimate key to an amazing standout resume is going from ideas about duties to ideas about achievements. To understand exactly how this works, an example would probably be helpful. Let's say that your job is logistics. Logistics is, for many people, a boring area of industry -- but it is very necessary.

Let's say that, as part of your job in logistics, your target is to reduce the cost of sending packages by five cents. In other words, your principal duty is to achieve this target. If you do not manage to do so, you may lose your job.

Now, let's imagine that by looking at the different ways to send packages and figuring out a new way of deciding which packages should be sent "First Class," you manage to save ten cents on every package mailed instead of just five. This is an achievement: You literally doubled your target, and that means that over time, you saved twice as much as anticipated. Employers will be interested to know how you did it, and they will be more likely to believe that you are capable of doing the same for them. This makes you unique and special compared to others.

You should also notice something else about the amazing standout resume -- it has numbers. Numbers about cost savings and other issues can be understood by anyone, regardless of whether they know the responsibilities of a given job. An amazing standout resume is a powerful story of your achievements backed up by numbers. It is the numbers that serve as evidence and prove that you are not boasting. So, next time you need to write a resume, do yourself a favor. Think in terms of achievements and make sure that it is an amazing standout resume. That's the way to get the job that you really want!

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